Why We Started Brunch Money

Taking a risk from relative stability is a common enough occurrence. But when you’re the one doing it, it feels like you’re the first person in history to do so. Starting Brunch Money meant taking what both of us have done for the last ten years and putting a label on it—creating a single place where our work in SEO, digital strategy, social media, and brand ambassador work would come together. Plus, it meant putting various classes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and one photography degree to good use. It meant writing about what we love—beer, coffee, spirits, food, politics, and everything else in between. It also meant figuring out how to register an LLC with New York State, which was probably more of a challenge than anything else.

But this spring, our Brunch Money consulting business got off the ground. We’re hard at work as craft beer consultants, social media mavens for cocktail companies, and SEO gurus for some of the biggest publishers in the world. We’ve mixed up brunch cocktails with the Bronx Brewery, soldiered through 100-oz mimosa towers at Biercraft, and developed social strategies for companies like Owl’s Brew. And that’s just the beginning. We’re always looking to talk with new clients—no matter how small the budget or early into the process they might be with their business.

Brunch Money is a consulting firm whose passion project is helping people grow their passion projects. We’re excited to see what happens next—not just for us, but for our friends, too. This blog will chronicle not only SEO best practices for startups, small business social media plans, and digital strategies for audience development, it will also chronicle the things we love most: the world of NYC craft beer, coffee, food, and what we’ve learned along the way. Stay tuned.

Author: Brian O'Connor

I’m a writer, editor, and audience development consultant based out of Brooklyn. I tackle all things SEO, social media, and analytics. But if you really want to get me going, talk to me about beer and coffee.

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